Predicting how every Atlanta Falcons game will end in 2023

How will the Falcons end up in a strong top conference but a ripe-for-the-picking division?
Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons
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Around this time of the season, playoff pushes are alive and well for those scrambling for a wild-card slot and those wanting to earn that coveted #1 seed, homefield advantage, and the only bye week with the current 14 team format.

By this point in the season, while the Falcons will still be alive in the divisional race, the Panthers will be fighting with the Buccaneers for which NFC South team will be getting the higher pick/easier schedule, but in the case of Carolina, they can only opt for the schedule part as their first round pick next year is currently in the possession of the Chicago Bears, a part of the trade it took to acquire the services of Bryce Young.

All that aside, come the time when the Falcons have to travel north to play Carolina, it's possible that this is that one divisional game a year where one side looks to be firmly in position to win the game coming in, but the underdog comes out with that shocker, raising question marks about said team's respective futures.

In this case, Carolina and their 3D CGI panther (which is still cool, I might add) not only defeat the Falcons, but they probably win by a minimum of two scores.

Now, Carolina fans, please note this is coming from an unbiased take: this season was a throwaway one, as noted from the trade of Moore and potential loss of future top tier draft picks in the trade with Chicago. That said, while this season was a dud, know that if you nail the offseason right and keep some top players in the Carolina blue, the NFC South will be yours to lose.