Predicting how every Atlanta Falcons game will end in 2023

How will the Falcons end up in a strong top conference but a ripe-for-the-picking division?
Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons
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Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne Jr.
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Tally ho, guv'nor. Might I interest you blokes in a cup of tea with a sugar cube?

Bloody me, that was rough. Let's get back to football, shall we?

By now, one gets the point: Atlanta is part of this year's International Series, and their opponent is essentially the one team that will most likely be part of any division made in Europe, the Jacksonville Jaguars. This Jaguars team, though, is NOT the same team many used to write off as a free victory outside of maybe 3-5 wins per year. They're vastly different today.

Offensively, it all starts with "The Prince That Was Promised", Trevor Lawrence. After that dismal rookie year (which was completely on Urban Meyer), Lawrence has shown NFL fans and the northeast section of Florida why the Khan family felt the need to have him be the savior of the franchise. Plus, in the playoffs last season, they came back from the largest in-game deficit since that game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

And that was without Calvin Ridley. Yes, Falcons fans, we're seeing the young receiver for the first time since he took a leave of absence from our team, got suspended for betting (on us to win, I might add; still don't condone the action), and subsequently traded to the Jaguars. Side note: that piece he wrote for the Players Tribune is still a must-read to this day.

With Lawrence at the helm, and Ridley poised to come back with a vengeance, Jacksonville runs roughshod over Atlanta in Wembley Stadium worse than whatever happened with CM Punk and Jack Perry.