Predicting the Falcons starting defense in 2024 prior to draft

Predicting who will be starting for the Atlanta Falcons defense before we know who they draft

Florida v Utah
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Falcons starting defense: Secondary

  • CB: A.J. Terrell
  • CB: Clark Phillips III
  • FS: Jessie Bates III
  • SS: Cole Bishop (Draft)

The Atlanta Falcons have their top corner and safety in permanent marker. A.J. Terrell and Jessie Bates are as good as it gets in the NFL, but past that it will be interesting.

Will the Falcons draft boundary corner? They will as Raheem Morris has already said so but I have the second-year player in Clark Phillips after he had a strong finish as a starter last year. His size isn't ideal but if he is playing well then you can't keep him off the field.

And finally, we have a new face at strong safety. Cole Bishop out of Utah brings size and physicality to the defense. He has the ability to lay the boom at any time and has versatility to play linebacker on passing downs.