Predicting the Falcons starting offense in 2024 prior to draft

Projecting who will be penciled in as starters on the Falcons' new-look offense.

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No one can deny that the Atlanta Falcons have immense talent on the offensive side of the ball. Last year, they had similar talent but did not have the engine to run it all.

This season will be different with a new, established starting quarterback and a promising offensive coordinator. We will be seeing a more Rams-like offense in 2024 which is easy to get excited about.

In free agency, Terry Fontenot has managed to plug the few holes on the offense. It gives us a clear picture of who will be starting in week one, so let's take a look at it.

Falcons starting offense: Offensive line

  • LT: Jake Matthews
  • LG: Matt Bergeron
  • C: Drew Dalman
  • RG: Chris Lindstrom
  • RT: Kaleb McGary

This is about as clear as it gets; the Falcons know who will be starting on the offensive line which is something not many teams can say.

Jake Matthews continues to be a trustworthy left tackle, Matt Bergeron—the offensive snap leader in 2023—will look to improve in his second year, Drew Dalman has improved each and every season, Chris Lindstrom is the best in the league, and Kaleb McGary is good enough. As simple as it gets.