Previewing the Atlanta Falcons options at receiver in 2024

General manager Terry Fontenot really did his due diligence this offseason when it came to addressing the offense.

Expecting big things from the Falcons and their receivers.
Expecting big things from the Falcons and their receivers. / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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Drake London has solidified his position as Falcons WR1 and now with Cousins throwing him the ball, he is expected to put up ridiculous numbers as he is in line to have his first 1,000-yard season.

The 2 best attributes London has is his physicality and confidence. He's a physical receiver and makes it even tougher for smaller defenders to jam him at the line of scrimmage or play press coverage. London is one of the few receivers who has the all-around skill set coaches look for.

London excels at blocking, making catches even with little to no separation, he can run over defenders and can catch the ball at its highest point.

London is a tall and lengthy receiver who uses his measurables to his advantage. He is a nightmare matchup for opposing defensive coordinators and pairing him with Pitts gives the Falcons the option of how they wish to attack defenses.

London is a big play threat on every snap whether it's playing short or long range, catching on the run, and even on contested throws. London doesn't create enough separation to be a consistent deep threat but he can be productive in the short to intermediate range with the occasional deep ball thrown his way when he has a mismatch.

Expect London to also have a breakout season with all the right pieces finally in place for the Falcons to contend.