Projected role for each Atlanta Falcons rookie in 2024 season

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Michael Penix Jr. -Backup QB

It seems the Atlanta Falcons are going to carry three quarterbacks on their roster after already re-working Taylor Heinicke's contract. This isn't a surprise with last year's rule change allowing three quarterbacks to be carried on gameday without taking all three roster spots. However, this pick remains shocking for a myriad of reasons.

You spent the 8th overall pick on a player that very well could be the third option at his position. If the Falcons were to deal with a short-term injury to Kirk Cousins are they putting in Heinicke or Penix? That is a real debate that is going to have to be had if the situation arises.

Ruke Orhorhoro-Rotational defensive lineman

You don't spend a day two pick to move up for Orhorhoro if he doesn't factor into your plans defensively. This is a stacked defensive line unit that just improved by adding the former Clemson defensive linemen. Orhorhoro fits exactly what Terry Fontenot and Raheem Morris are attempting to build in the trenches and will be given plenty of early chances to make an impact.

The only concern for Orhorhoro is being passed by a surprise addition or one of the rookies drafted behind him.