Pros and cons of the Atlanta Falcons drafting Michael Penix Jr.

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Pro: Atlanta has a chance at finding their next franchise quarterback

This is the obvious reason the Atlanta Falcons made the move they did. The team was so traumatized by what they went through with Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder they decided to stock up at the position. Keeping Taylor Heinicke as your third quarterback speaks to the depth Atlanta now has at the position.

If the plan goes as the Atlanta front office hopes Kirk Cousins balls out for 2-3 seasons and Michael Penix Jr. gets himself ready to step in and becomes a top 10-15 starter in this league. That is what the Falcons believe is going to happen and if that is the case many takes on the move aren't going to age well.

The reasons behind Atlanta's decision to draft Penix have always been transparent. While it doesn't make the move any easier to accept for some fans it does give them a chance to avoid having another awful season for the next decade if they are right about the quarterback.

Kirk Cousins, Taylor Heinicke, and Michael Penix Jr. are easily the deepest quarterback room in the NFC South and depending on what Penix becomes could be the deepest room in the conference.