Pros and cons of the Atlanta Falcons drafting Michael Penix Jr.

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Con: The fallout with Kirk Cousins

It is understood that Kirk Cousins is going to get his money no matter what happens at the position. However, the quarterback you paid $180 million over four years this offseason is already being whispered about in trade rumors. The Falcons trading Cousins would be one of the dumbest possible moves based on the cap fallout and the unproven rookie they would be starting.

The entire point of the move is planning long term and having Penix Jr. learn behind a capable veteran. However, this doesn't help the fact that before Cousins takes a snap for your team you're already telling him you have no plans to honor the contract and he is being talked about in trade rumors.

Quarterbacks have arguably the biggest egos in the sport and right now Kirk's has to be taking a bit of a hit based on this move. Before Cousins takes a snap for your team you replace him with a pick that was expected to be an impact player in a season you have a clear path to the playoffs.

The frustration that Kirk has with this franchise is completely warranted. Can the team contain the issue or will it show up in Cousins' play in the season?