Pros and cons of the Atlanta Falcons drafting Michael Penix Jr.

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Pro: An exciting backup if Cousins isn't ready or injury strikes

The money demands that Kirk Cousins is going to be your starter for the next two seasons. But if injury were to strike or Cousins needs more time to get ready for the season the Falcons have an exciting young player to evaluate.

Penix can make every throw needed at the NFL level. The concern for the young quarterback are his reads and throws over the middle. That is something to watch closely in camp and the preseason to see how the team works on and develops this clear issue.

However, the point remains that if Cousins goes down or needs more time the season isn't completely lost. You will have a chance to evaluate Atlanta's young quarterback and have an idea of whether or not they made the right decision.

Penix Jr. gives the team depth and hope they wouldn't have otherwise had with a quarterback room Heinicke and Cousins. Whether or not it proves to be the right decision it is exciting to consider the idea of having the next franchise quarterback in the building and some hope and depth if things go wrong with Atlanta's veteran.