Pros and cons of the Atlanta Falcons drafting Michael Penix Jr.

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Con: The distraction of it all

We are already seeing the fallout of the Atlanta Falcons' decision to draft a quarterback after signing Kirk Cousins. Whether it is ESPN, FS1, or local radio every sports pundit is firing off takes on why the Falcons made the right or wrong move at the position. A part of this is due to a boring offseason winding down into a long summer.

There is little to debate and this move brings new life into the discussion of the league. However, to a degree, this is going to continue into the season. Kirk Cousins makes the Falcons relevant in the NFC and with that comes expectations and pressure.

Now the first bad game Cousins has or a key interception what is the discussion going to be? Michael Penix Jr. is a great move if it works out as the Falcons front office believes that it will.

If they are wrong you've invited a quarterback controversy for no reason and the move will age poorly. Even if the team is right for the next two seasons any bad games or decisions will set up rumors and questions that could hurt the cohesiveness of the roster.