Ranking the 30 greatest players in Atlanta Falcons history

These are the 30 best players in the history of the Atlanta Falcons franchise
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Greatest Atlanta Falcons of all-time: Honorable mentions

Honorable mentions:

  • Jamal Anderson, RB
  • Warrick Dunn, RB
  • Terance Mathis, WR
  • George Kunz, RT
  • R.C. Thielemann, OG
  • Chuck Smith, DE
  • Patrick Kerney, DE

More and more names could have seriously been added to the honorable mentions. Even though the Atlanta Falcons have never been world champs, they have still had some great players walk through their doors.

These seven guys are names that were all considered for the last few spots on the top 30.

Jamal Anderson had some phenomenal years but his career was cut short due to injury. Warrick Dunn was a fantastic player and an even better person. Terance Mathis put up some impressive numbers. The two offensive linemen were as consistent as they come and the two defensive linemen each had a few double-digit sack seasons—a rarity for the franchise.