Ranking the 30 greatest players in Atlanta Falcons history

These are the 30 best players in the history of the Atlanta Falcons franchise
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Greatest Atlanta Falcons of all-time: No. 28 & 27

1979-1986. 28. Stats. . William Andrews. 28. player. 44. RB. William Andrews

This guy was a playmaker for the Atlanta Falcons. William Andrews had over 2,000 yards from scrimmage and 12 touchdowns in 1981. He only had one season where he didn't have over 1,000 yards rushing when he played the entire season.

Stats. 27. 44. 27. TE. 2001-2007. Alge Crumpler. Alge Crumpler. player.

Alge Crumpler will forever be tied to Michael Vick. The two of them came into the league together and they had great chemistry. Crumpler enjoyed a stretch of four consecutive Pro Bowl appearances and was obviously one of the best in the league.