Ranking the 30 greatest players in Atlanta Falcons history

These are the 30 best players in the history of the Atlanta Falcons franchise
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Greatest Atlanta Falcons of all-time: No. 26 & 25

Andre Rison. player. 1990-1994. Andre Rison. 26. 26. Stats. . WR. 44

What gets Andre 'Bad Moon' Rison on this list? Touchdowns. The dude was a touchdown machine for the Falcons. He scored six points 56 times over his five seasons in Atlanta. We also cannot skip over his four 1,000-yard seasons.

player. 44. Stats. K. 1995-2000, 2006-2007. Morten Andersen. Morten Andersen. 25. 25.

You probably know the name already; Morten Andersen is considered to be the greatest kicker of all time—although Justin Tucker has been pleading his case. The fact that Andersen made the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a kicker says it all.