Ranking the 30 greatest players in Atlanta Falcons history

These are the 30 best players in the history of the Atlanta Falcons franchise

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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Greatest Atlanta Falcons of all-time: No. 18 & 17

Stats. K. 2009-2019. Matt Bryant. Matt Bryant. 18. 18. player. 44.

I know he was a kicker but he was a darn good kicker. Matt Bryant has the argument for being the most clutch kicker in the history of the NFL. The Atlanta Falcons won a lot of games because of him and he should be elected to the 'Ring of Honor.'

17. Stats. LT. 2014-Present. player. 44. . Jake Matthews. Jake Matthews. 17

Jake Matthews simply does not get enough credit for his unmatched consistency. All he does is go out there and play one of the most important positions in the NFL (I wrote about it in-depth, link below). When was the last time you worried about the left tackle position for the Falcons? 2014?