Ranking every Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback since 1990

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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Looking back at the Atlanta Falcons' history at quarterback serves as a reminder as to how lucky the team was to have Matt Ryan under center for much of the last decade. Atlanta's history at the position isn't pretty with very few franchise quarterbacks starting for the team over the last three decades.

In all the Falcons have had twenty starters since the 1990 season with few being memorable. To be clear these rankings are considering only what these players brought to the Falcons during their time with Atlanta. Accomplishments elsewhere in the league aren't being considered as part of these rankings.

20. Kurt Kittner (2003) 4 Starts 1-3 Record

There isn't much to say about Kurt Kittner or his forgettable three starts for the Atlanta Falcons. Kittner filled in for Atlanta as they desperately attempted to find an answer at the position with less-than-ideal results. Failing to complete 40% of his passes and throwing the ball to the wrong team far too often this is a set of starts that Atlanta fans aren't going to want to remember.

19. Byron Leftwich (2007) 2 Starts 0-2 Record

An often-forgotten fact is that former Jacksonville quarterback and current coordinator Byron Leftwich played two games for the Falcons a year before the team drafted Matt Ryan. There is very little to complain about in Byron's starts for the simple fact the quarterback accomplished very little registering two of the most forgettable starts in franchise history.