Ranking every Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback since 1990

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18. Doug Johnson (2000-03) 11 Starts 2-9 Record

Finding where to put Doug Johnson in these rankings is difficult considering he managed to start far more games than players ranked ahead of him. However, in those 11 starts Johnson threw far more interceptions than touchdowns ending his career with 13 touchdowns to 18 interceptions and 12 fumbles. Johnson didn't have a quality roster to lean on, however, considering how low the bar was for Johnson and how many chances he was given it is clear that Doug never should have been put into Atlanta's starting lineup.

Johnson's final year in the league was in 2004 spending a season with the Titans as a backup.

17. Danny Kanell (1999-2000) 2 Starts 0-2 Record

Danny Kanell was forced into action for the Falcons twice as a starter going 0-2 despite putting up decent yardage totals. Kanell had some solid stretches with the Giants but failed to ever fully live up to his talent. Ending his career with Atlanta with an impressive 1,117 passing yards but a less than ideal touchdown to interception ratio.

16. Scott Campbell (1987-90) 11 Starts 2-9 Record

Scott Campbell is such a hard player to rank in the fact that he was a part of some truly awful Atlanta Falcons teams. However, Campbell managed to pass for over 1,000 yards and toss 14 touchdowns but a 5% interception rate was more than enough for Atlanta to opt to move on despite the production from Campbell.