Ranking every Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback since 1990

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12. Wade Wilson (1992) 3 Starts 1-2 Record

Wade Wilson spent 17 years in the league including one lone season with the Falcons. Sharing time at the position Wilson passed for over 1,000 yards and had an impressive 13-4 touchdown to interception ratio. While there were obvious flaws in his game the production and what he did with limited chances was impressive.

11. Billy Joe Tolliver (1991-93, 1997) 10 Starts 5-5 Record

Billy Joe Tolliver is one of the more interesting quarterbacks in Atlanta Falcons' history to look back on. Tolliver was talented but incredibly inconsistent in his production. Finishing his career with the Falcons with 2,467 passing yards and 17 touchdowns to 13 interceptions Tolliver is one of Atlanta's best backups over the last three decades.

Put in a myriad of roles Tolliver consistently made enough plays to give average Atlanta rosters a chance to win. That is all you can ask for from a career backup who deserves a bit more respect for what he accomplished in less-than-ideal circumstances.

10. Chris Redman (2007-2011) 1-5 Record and Joey Harrington (2007) 3-7 Record

Chris Redman and Joey Harrington are the only Atlanta Falcons quarterbacks to share a spot in the rankings based on the fact they were set up to fail when given a chance to start. Both players were solid at times on a truly bad roster that was all but tanking for a quarterback attempting to recover from an unexpected setback at the position.

This was a franchise and fanbase that went from the electric Michael Vick to safe and boring options in Redman or Harrington. Both players did what they could for a franchise that needed a year of losing to fix the position and recover from a terrible situation.

Redman is unquestionably the better Atlanta Falcon considering his time as a backup with Atlanta. However, neither player truly was given a real chance to win a starting job both viewed as bridge options as Atlanta attempted a quick rebuild with two starters who both had respectable careers.