Ranking every Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback since 1990

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9. Marcus Mariota (2022) 13 Starts 5-8 Record

The fact that Mariota is inside the top ten speaks both to the struggles Atlanta has had at the position and the stability they had with Matt Ryan. Mariota's time with Atlanta is going to be remembered for the consistent missed chances that Marcus could never take advantage of.

Mariota's run-first play style is entertaining at first but becomes increasingly wearing as the missed throws and chances pile up. While Marcus isn't a starter in this league he gave the Falcons a solid season in comparison to the players he ranks ahead of.

Arthur Smith and Mariota should work on paper but with an Atlanta roster that was a year away and a quarterback who wasn't known as a passer taking a step back, this was always a short-term arrangement for the Falcons.

8. Desmond Ridder (2022) 4 Starts 2-2 Record

Desmond Ridder is clearly better than Marcus Mariota as a passer and given reason to believe he will have more success in the league as a starter. Winning two games down the stretch with an injured roster that had fallen out of playoff contention was solid for a rookie starter.

While there is an argument that Billy Joe Tolliver or Chris Redman should rank ahead of Ridder based on their time with the Falcons neither player brought the hope of a franchise star that Ridder has. While the fanbase is split on what Desmond is or isn't one thing is clear Desmond takes far better care of the football than the players before him on this list and is going to consistently give Atlanta a chance to win.

Already from the way they have built the team around him or the better start he is off to Desmond deserves to be inside the top ten speaking again to just how many below-average quarterbacks Atlanta has started in the last thirty years.