Ranking every Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback since 1990

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7. Bobby Hebert (1993-96) 25 Starts 7-18 Record

Hebert earns his spot on this list for no other reason than the long-term production compared to the players ranked before. Bobby was a part of a lot of very poorly built Atlanta Falcons' rosters and still managed to finish his career with the team with 7,053 passing yards and 50 touchdowns.

The problem for Bobby is this production often came from a fearless willingness to simply toss the ball up far too often resulting in turnovers throwing 49 interceptions during his time in Atlanta. While the results weren't ideal the production deserves respect.

6. Matt Schaub (2004-06, 2016-2020) 3 Starts 0-3 Record

While Matt Schaub might be winless as a starter for the Atlanta Falcons it isn't hard to make an argument he deserves a higher spot on this list. Starting out as Vick's backup Schaub bounced around the league as a starter before returning to backup Matt Ryan ten years after leaving the franchise.

Looking back at his teammates' words it isn't hard to gauge how well-liked and respected the Atlanta backup was. Helping bring in a culture change in the 2016 season and providing help to Ryan and the coaching staff during his time with the team cannot be undervalued.

Making only one start behind Matt Ryan, Schaub gave Atlanta a chance passing for 460 yards speaking to his preperation and toughness. Schaub deserves immense respect based on what he brought to Atlanta in a reserve role.