Ranking every Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback since 1990

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2. Chris Chandler (1997-2001) 67 Starts 34-33 Record

Lost in the magic that Vick brought to the Falcons is the stability Chandler gave a franchise that was lost at the position. Review all the names Atlanta started in the six seasons before if you doubt that Chris is deserving of the second spot on this list. Not only did Chandler stabilize the production at the position but consistently went out and gave Atlanta a chance to win something that rarely seemed to happen the seasons before.

Finishing his career with 13, 268 passing yards and 87 touchdowns with the Falcons Chandler deserves credit as well for helping push Atlanta to the first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history despite a losing effort against a loaded Broncos team.

1. Matt Ryan (2008-2021) 222 Starts 120-102 Record

If this is the end for Matt Ryan as a starter in this league the veteran will end his career as a top-10 passer in nearly every major category and clearly the best quarterback and player in franchise history. There is zero argument for anyone else when it comes to this position or in the team's history as a whole.

A franchise that was in trouble drafted Ryan and the quarterback spent the last 14 years consistently doing everything possible to put Atlanta in a position to win. The veteran accomplished this without having the benefit of a great defense or a consistent running game.

Any time the Falcons were able to give Ryan just a bit of balance across the roster this team was making the playoffs. Ryan may not have gotten the Super Bowl ring or happy storybook ending but one thing is certain this is a Hall of Fame-worthy career for a franchise with a history of losing.

Matt Ryan was not only a great player but a respected leader who consistently gave back and was invested in the Atlanta community, cle,arly the player and leader you hope your franchise quarterback will strive to be.