Ranking Every Quarterback the Atlanta Falcons Face This Year

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10. Anthony Richardson

This feels like one of those choices that could make me look incredibly stupid by the end of the season. Richardson is an athletic marvel with a rocket arm, and he could be an immediate impact player if his accuracy issues get addressed quickly. On the other hand, he had limited time as a starter in college and his weapons in Indianapolis aren’t going to blow anyone away. This could be a game where Richardson destroys the Falcons’ rush defense, but still causes a loss for his team with a turnover or inconsistent passing.

9. Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill looked like a different quarterback last year and struggled with injuries, turnovers, and a temporary benching for Malik Willis. Saying that he is a proven player with numerous strong seasons and a recent history of winning. If Tannehill starts the season in a similar fashion to last year, his ranking would be more in the 12-13 spot, but as of right now, it’s hard to put the unproven options above him.

8. CJ Stroud

Stroud was one of the most impressive college players in recent history, and the Houston Texans are hoping he’ll be able to finally help them break out of their rebuild. Stroud has a strong arm, has top-end accuracy, and has the potential to develop into a two-prong weapon if he uses his athleticism more often. His jump to the NFL could prove difficult at first with a group of lackluster pass-catchers around him, but Stroud offers a ton of upside not only in the fuure, but also this season.