Ranking Every Quarterback the Atlanta Falcons Face This Year

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7. Bryce Young

There is a strong debate on if Stroud or Bryce Young deserved to be the first pick in the NFL draft. We’ve never seen a quarterback with Young’s measurements truly succeed in the NFL, and his height/weight combination is incredibly rare for a starting quarterback in the league. On the opposite side of things though, Young is a player with strong football IQ, reads the field well, and should have an easier adjustment to the league based on the players around him and his coaching staff.

6. Derek Carr

Throughout the last two seasons, the narrative of Derek Carr has seemed to change significantly throughout the league. He’s thrown for 47 touchdowns but also contributed 33 turnovers during the same time period. His yards per attempt was the lowest since 2017 last year, and he had the lowest passer rating since his rookie year back in 2014. He’ll be moving from a Raiders team that had numerous high-end weapons to a Saints team whose offense is full of question marks besides Chris Olave. There is a chance Carr bounces back after escaping the hot mess going on in Vegas right now, but he doesn’t deserve a spot any higher than this until then.

5. Jared Goff

Goff and Carr have gone in opposite directions over the past two seasons. Goff was seen as a liability who couldn’t win the big game during his tenure with the Rams and was viewed as an afterthought in the trade that sent him to Detroit. His last two seasons have seen the quarterback grow as a passer and although he’ll likely never play at an MVP level, he’s a good enough option to help the Lions reach the playoffs this year.