Ranking Every Starting Running Back the Atlanta Falcons Face This Year

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No. 8: Dameon Pierce*

Dameon Pierce took the NFL by storm last year, racking up more than 1,000 yards on offense in just 13 games. Unfortunately the running back had his season cut short by an ankle injury, which is the only thing hindering him from being two spots higher on this list. An ankle injury is easier to come back from than a torn ACL, and Pierce himself said his recovery was ahead of schedule after the season. If he continues the strong running he showcased last year, he’ll keep the Texans competitive in more games than we might expect.

No. 7: Miles Sanders

Sanders is similar to Montgomery in that you always seem to want more from him but on a higher level. During his time in Philadelphia, he had three seasons with over 1,000 total yards, scored 20 rushing touchdowns, and helped the team reach the Super Bowl last season. He also only produced 16 yards and a fumble in said Super Bowl, his receiving production has significantly dropped since his rookie year, and still seems to occasionally struggle with hesitancy when rushing the ball. Maybe moving to Carolina and playing on a team with lower expectations will take the pressure off Sanders and help him produce, but for now, he seems to be a player who can leave you cheering one minute and groaning the next.

No. 6: James Connor

James Connor seems to have a weird place in the NFL. He doesn’t feel underrated, but more seems to be forgotten except in fantasy football circles. He produced his second straight 700+ yard season last year, and has produced 26 touchdowns over that same two-year timeframe. The Arizona Cardinals will likely be the worst team in the league this year, but Connor might serve as one of the few bright spots for the entire organization. His propensity for the end zone and receiving abilities could help most teams in the league and it’s a shame he’ll be stuck in a terrible situation out west.