Ranking Every Starting Running Back the Atlanta Falcons Face This Year

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No. 5: Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones is similar to Connor in that it’s always hard to know where his place in the league (and Green Bay) is. He’s often mentioned as a potential trade candidate, and the Packers may go that direction if their season starts off poorly. Until that time though, Jones will likely continue to produce in a major way both as a rusher and pass catcher. He did have five fumbles (three lost) last year, but besides that, he was a major part of their offense and should continue to be this year. The team is hoping the transition to Jordan Love at quarterback will be smooth and Jones’ play could be a huge piece of that.

No. 4: Travis Etienne

Jones has produced more and played longer in the league, but Travis Etienne seems officially ready to take the leap into being one of the best running backs in the entire league. After missing his entire rookie year, he exploded onto the scene last season and played a huge part in helping the Jaguars reach the playoffs. He had the same issue as Jones with fumbling, but if he can tighten that up and continue his trajectory upwards, it might be hard to keep him out of the discussion as one of the best.

No. 3: Alvin Kamara

Although Alvin Kamara will be serving a three-game suspension to start the season, none of those games will affect his play against the Falcons. Kamara’s standing around the league has taken a hit due to his legal issues, but he’s still one of the best dual-threat backs in the entire league. Derek Carr will love throwing to him out of the backfield and on checkdowns and he’ll be a major test for the team. He’s had four 100+ yard games against Atlanta and they’ll have to hope their revamped defense can shut him down in both matchups if they hope to win the NFC South this season.