Ranking Every Starting Running Back the Atlanta Falcons Face This Year

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings
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No. 2: Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor was so good during the 2021 season that it seemed impossible he could repeat himself last year. Unfortunately for the young running back, his production ended up taking a significant dip as he struggled with injuries, fumbles, and a surprising lack of touchdowns. Saying all of that, Taylor is still a premier running back and should be in line for a major bounce back this year. The Colts are finally entering a season with a young quarterback, and they’ll likely lean on Taylor (if he’s not traded) to carry the offense.

No. 1: Derrick Henry

We should have known that 2021 was an outlier for Derrick Henry. There were talks that he was on the decline, was too old, and was overworked after the running back struggled with injuries. He proved all of the doubters wrong last year as he served as a focal point for the Tennessee Titans offense and finished second in the league in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. It feels safe to officially re-label him King Henry and the Falcons will be in for a tough test when they play Tennessee.