Ranking Falcons' biggest NFL draft gems of the last decade

Six players the Atlanta Falcons stole in day three of the draft over the past decade.

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2015. Grady Jarrett. 44. Jarrett. Grady Jarrett. 1. . player. . Rd 5, Pk 137

Surprise, surprise, Grady Jarrett is number one on the list of late-round draft gems over the past ten years. He would even make the list if we were doing an all-time list.

Grady has been a leader for the constantly-changing defense for the Falcons. Jake Matthews is to the offense what Grady is to the defense—a stalwart for their side of the ball.

It was sad to see Grady go down with a season-ending injury when he did. The veteran was finally seeing his team have some resemblance of success and it all fell apart after his injury.

Fortunately, Jarrett finally has some help around him. Hopefully, he will be fully recovered and ready to go by week one—the Falcons need him.