Ranking NFC South head coaches from worst to best

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
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4. Dennis Allen

Dennis Allen clearly thrived as a defensive coordinator under Sean Payton and helped this team compete despite a roster that clearly was going in the wrong direction. As a head coach, however, this will be the season that reminds the league that Allen is a coordinator and not capable of leading an average roster to consistent success.

Sean Payton saw the direction that the Saints were going and over returning to the team opted to join the same division as Patrick Mahomes. A team in a stacked conference in a clearly better division was the better option for Payton over a team that is going to be in for a very long 2023 season.

Allen already failed once as a head coach and it is hard to see this situation going much better. The Saints lost a lot of depth and talent over the past two seasons covering it up with the splashy move of signing Derek Carr.

A quarterback who the Raiders were willing to part way with only to sign Jimmy G. who has a concerning injury history. This speaks both to the complete frustration the Raiders had with a quarterback who hasn't won a single playoff game nearly a decade into his career.

Allen and the Saints are in for a long season one that is likely to end with a change at head coach and the realization that this team needed a rebuild not overpaying an average quarterback.