Ranking NFC South head coaches from worst to best

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
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3. Todd Bowles

How do you play in the NFC South in 2022 with Tom Brady and fail to win double digit games? The schedule wasn't easy but the path to 10-11 wins with even average coaching was there for a group that ended their season in fitting fashion with a playoff wildcard loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

It was a game that was never in question and exposed all of the issues the Bucs had failed to address or adjust to during the 2022 season. A season before with the same core group Bruce Arians had this team in a position for a comeback win over the eventual Super Bowl champion Rams. While it took an impressive comeback the point remains that with a similar roster, Arians had this team contending.

To be fair to Bowles it is worth noting that Brady took a step back and consistent injuries hurt the Bucs. However, with the talent that was on this roster a season ago this team should have won the division easily.

Instead, they labored to a losing record ending their season with two straight losses and quickly opted to start a rebuild this off-season. A rebuild that has given Bowles the tough decision of choosing between Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask at quarterback. This is a team that is going to have a new quarterback and a new head coach next season.