Ranking NFC South head coaches from worst to best

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
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2. Arthur Smith

For a head coach that has not had the benefit (before this season) of having full cap space or a great option at quarterback Smith has done well. Winning 14 games over the past two seasons Atlanta's head coach consistently puts his team in a position to win even when the team standing across the sideline is clearly more talented.

The one complaint with Smith is a struggling defense and some late-game coaching errors. However, considering the lack of talent on the roster the past two seasons it is easy to explain the issues away.

With a great off-season from Terry Fontenot, there are no more excuses or overachieving for Smith in the 2023 season. Atlanta's path to the playoffs isn't getting any clearer considering the ease of the schedule and benefits of playing in a horrible division.

It is time for Smith to prove not only is he capable of leading bad teams to consistently competing but he can lead an above-average roster to the playoffs. The one question mark that is going to define Smith's season and perhaps his time with Atlanta is how Desmond Ridder develops in his first full season as a starter.