Ranking NFC South head coaches from worst to best

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
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1. Frank Reich

Before we talk about Frank Reich fitting well in Carolina there is the obvious issue of the Panthers parting ways with Steve Wilks. It is understandable that you have an owner that is tired of losing and wants to make the big splashy moves but what more could Wilks have done to win the job?

Steve Wilks took a roster that was competing for a top-five pick and led them to a late surge that came down to a matchup for the division with Tampa Bay. With Sam Darnold, a failing secondary, and clear issues at receiver outside of D.J. Moore, Wilks led this team to late contention and deserved better from this franchise.

With that said, there isn't any argument against Reich being the best coach in this division. Looking at success and resume it isn't particularly close. Whether or not Frank holds onto this ranking is going to be defined by how quickly Bryce Young adjusts to the next level and if the quarterback can stay healthy.

While the Panthers have a solid backup option in Andy Dalton the way this team is built they need a star at quarterback to win now. With issues in the secondary and lacking a star playmaker this team needs Bryce Young to be instantly great or an impatient owner in Carolina could consider making yet another change.