Ranking the 3 best potential QBs options for Falcons this offseason

The good is news is that they have options.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions
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The good news for the Falcons is that they know exactly where they stand at QB.

There are more than a couple NFL teams that can't say the same. The bad news is that the answer to that, more or less, boils down to "not really having one." Maybe one of either Desmond Ridder or Taylor Heinicke will be on the roster next year, but after last year's performances, it's obvious that neither are either short or long-term answers in Atlanta. There's plenty of talent already on the roster, especially on offense – whoever the Falcons go and get will have the time of his life throwing to Drake London, Bijan Robinson, and (maybe) Kyle Pitts.

Plus, whatever offense new head coach Raheem Morris and offensive coordinator Zac Robinson put in place will surely be better than whatever it was that Arthur Smith was trying to do. It's why Atlanta is considered one of the premier destinations for any free agent QB, and why they're in basically every rumor for every available QB.

But which of the available guys makes the most sense? Here are the top three options that would make the Falcons an NFC South contender in 2024.

3. Baker Mayfield

Credit where it's due: Mayfield resurrected his career in a way that we don't see very often. It'd be hard to find too many people who thought the same guy who was being flown to LA on a last moment's notice to spot start for the Rams would, only a year later, be in line for an eight or nine-figure extension. But that's what 4,000 yards, 28 touchdowns, and a division title gets you. Mayfield would be more than suitable in Atlanta, where he'd be reunited with Morris/Robinson after the short 2022 stint with the Rams.

His ceiling probably isn't quite as high as some of the other options available to Atlanta, but if his Tampa Bay stat line is the ceiling, they'll happily take two or three years of that. And Mayfield getting to play against the Bucs twice a year would surely provide at least a couple great.

There are better QB options available, but there's an argument that none of them would come with as many fun soundbites. It's hard to imagine the Bucs let Mayfield walk, especially in the same division, but NFL fans can dream.