Ranking the 3 best potential QBs options for Falcons this offseason

The good is news is that they have options.

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2. Justin Fields

Of the three options on this list, no one has a higher ceiling than Fields.

When the Bears' QB was playing well, he had some of the most electric moments across the NFL. There isn't a faster QB in football, and it's easy to see why – despite some really lackluster stats – the Bears' decision to move on from him hasn't seemed as easy as it otherwise might.

The Fields-Falcons connection has been talked about for a while, and getting the QB, who's still only 24, in a offense that isn't as dysfunctional as Luke Getsy's will do wonders for him. He may never be an All-Pro, but we still haven't seen a team commit to an offense that caters to his strength, and not the other way around. Plus, he's from Georgia and (technically) played for there in college for a year.

There's an element of risk here that doesn't exist quite as much in the other candidates – a lot of Fields' pocket passing stats are rough, and his late game issues are well-documented. Considering the reports that his market has cooled considerably over the last couple of weeks, he could even be acquired without a huge hit to draft capital or the existing team core.