Ranking the 3 best potential QBs options for Falcons this offseason

The good is news is that they have options.

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1. Kirk Cousins

As recently as a few weeks ago, this seemed almost impossible to break in the Falcons' favor, even if it makes a ton of sense.

Cousins seemed destined to eventually return to Minnesota and finish his career with the Vikings, even if it meant he'd have to tutor a young quarterback in his twilight seasons. But then rumors started popping up that suggested it wasn't such a sure thing that he'd be back. Most recently, Pro Football Talk reported that they're hearing a Cousins-Falcons pairing is increasingly likely.

While there's plenty of risk involved – Cousins is 35 and coming off an Achilles injury that cost him most of the 2023 season – he's indisputably the best QB available right now. He'll also cost the most of any of these three options, and it's not particularly close – on PFF's rankings of every available free agent, only Chiefs' star defensive tackle Chris Jones ranks higher. It's impossible to argue with the production, though, and outside of injury issues, no QB on this list would instantly make the Falcons better than Cousins. Like Fields, he has a family connection too – his wife is from a suburb of Atlanta. The NFC South is extremely winnable next year, which makes a win-now move like this all the more reasonable.

If Cousins truly wants to go to Atlanta, that's probably the move.