Ranking the 5 toughest games for the Atlanta Falcons in 2024

These games will prove to be the toughest tests for the Atlanta Falcons during the 2024 season.
Atlanta Falcons v Kansas City Chiefs
Atlanta Falcons v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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1. Kansas City Chiefs (Home)

The only solace in this matchup is the fact the Atlanta Falcons get to host the defending Super Bowl champions. Outside of that, the Falcons will have to overcome a lot to upset the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Falcons will have to get pressure off the edges or they will lose this game. They must run the ball to help negate Steve Spagnuolo's blitzes.

The funny thing about the Chiefs is there are areas on their roster you can attack but they always seem to find a way to make those one or two plays near the end that get them in the win column.

If this is an early-season matchup, this will be a good measuring stick for the Atlanta Falcons.