Re-sign or walk? Verdict on each of the Atlanta Falcons' 21 free agent

Assessing whether each soon-to-be free agent should be re-signed or allowed to walk for the Atlanta Falcons.

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The Atlanta Falcons need to make decisions about whether they want to re-sign or allow each of their 21 free agents to walk out of the door.

If there are players the Falcons do not want to lose then they need to get to negotiating before they are allowed to be contacted by other teams starting on March 11 when the legal tampering period kicks off (March 13 when players can officially sign).

Let's assess whether they will re-sign each of their free agents or not for the 2024 season.

Will the Atlanta Falcons re-sign QB Logan Woodside, RB Cordarrelle Patterson, or FB Keith Smith?

Logan Woodside was an Arthur Smith addition who managed to stick around as the emergency third quarterback during the 2024 season. There is no reason to believe he will be back after an overhaul of the staff.

Cordarrelle Patterson has been a nice piece for the offense but he is coming off of his worst season in Atlanta. With an already established running back room, the Falcons would have to have a concise plan for how to use Patterson in 2024. There is also the fact that kickoff returns are becoming more and more rare.

Zack Robinson comes from a Sean McVay system that does not employ a full-time fullback. The veteran appears to be done with Atlanta.

Logan Woodside: Walk
Cordarrelle Patterson: Walk
Keith Smith: Walk