Ridley would have been the perfect final piece for the Atlanta Falcons

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp / James Gilbert/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons moved on from receiver Calvin Ridley after the receiver was suspended for a full season for betting on NFL games while taking time away from the team. Ridley stepped away from the game to focus on his health and well-being both and the Falcons did the right thing giving the veteran receiver a fresh start.

However, it is hard not to imagine what could have been if Atlanta had been able to keep Calvin Ridley. A trio of Drake London, Kyle Pitts, and Calvin Ridley would rival the best receiving groups in the league. It is easy to forget how elite a healthy Calvin was and can be when things were going well for the Falcons.

Again it is important to note that the Atlanta Falcons made the right and only choice moving on from Ridley and giving the receiver a fresh start. Calvin's health and well-being are clearly far more important than a game.

With this said, it is fair to point out that Ridley would be the perfect addition to this offense as the second receiver. With Kyle Pitts and Drake London taking away most of the attention as Julio did for Ridley in his best years the veteran would thrive in this offense.

It is unfortunate for the Falcons that the team had to move off of one of the best route runners and most underrated players when healthy. Calvin should be expected to put up career numbers in Jacksonville this season with a young quarterback that now has a great lineup of pass catchers with Ridley clearly being the best route runner.

Trevor Lawrence is an elevator at quarterback and without Julio Jones in front of him, Ridley will be given the chance to become a top player at his position.

Despite how painful it is to imagine what could have been for the Falcons, Atlanta showed integrity and care for Ridley making the right move and letting Calvin move on.