Rondale Moore could end up being a total steal for the Atlanta Falcons

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Terry Fontenot managing to unload Desmond Ridder for any type of potential impactful return is impressive. Getting Rondale Moore for a player that the entire league knows you want to move away from speaks to his relationships around the league and his ability. This isn't to suggest that Moore is going to join the Falcons and become a star receiver.

Rather pointing out the upgrade at quarterback and on offense that could set the receiver up to be a steal for Atlanta. Moore is heading into his fourth season compiling 1,201 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns with all three seasons in Arizona.

It is worth pointing out the complete dysfunction that the coaching staff, offensive play calling, and quarterback situations have been in since Moore joined the team. Judging the receiver by numbers alone isn't an accurate depiction of what the Falcons can expect from the receiver.

Breaking down the tape it becomes clear that Moore is a potential steal for the Falcons. Albeit a player with a limited ceiling but his speed and ability to find open space standout. Just as is the case in Atlanta, Moore often benefitted from having better targets around him with the Cardinals.

If Moore is able to win the third receiver role as expected this will be the case even more so. You have Bijan Robinson, Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Darnell Mooney who are all expecting to get the football before Moore. Rondale has a chance to play the Taylor Gabriel role as the forgotten man capable of making big plays at any time.

Moore has caught 74.2% of his targets a solid percentage considering the quarterbacks he has played with the past three seasons. The receiver's best role is going to be using his speed taking advantage of the misdirection the bigger targets around him will create.