Should the Atlanta Falcons trade for Bears WR Chase Claypool?

Chase Claypool has had a rough ride in Chicago and is now on the trade market. Should the Atlanta Falcons acquire the talented wide receiver?
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The offense has been a sore spot for the Atlanta Falcons over the past two weeks. They have not been able to threaten defenses with their passing game due to a variety of reasons.

One of those reasons could be pinned on the wide receivers the Falcons currently have. Drake London is a stud and Mack Hollins is a good security blanket but outside those two, it is a lot of nothing. The Bears have reportedly made wide receiver Chase Claypool available via trade, should the Falcons try to bring him in?

Should the Atlanta Falcons trade for disgruntled Bears WR Chase Claypool?

To say Chase Claypool has had a rough ride with the Chicago Bears would be a massive understatement. Claypool, since being traded to the Bears for the 32nd-overall pick, has made just 18 catches for a total of 191 yards and one touchdown. Now he is angry with the team and wants to continue his career elsewhere.

The Atlanta Falcons clearly have a huge issue on offense, specifically their passing offense. They cannot get anything going through the air due to poor quarterback play, a subpar scheme, and lack of separation from receivers.

Chase Claypool is a talented receiver who fits the physical profile that the Falcons like (6'4", 238 pounds). Claypool started his career with two seasons where he had over 800 yards and found the endzone a combined 11 times.

However, a football profile goes deeper than just physical tools and stats. Claypool has been on the bad side of the Bears' coaching staff for lack of effort which is a huge red flag. That is not the type of thing that Arthur Smith would tolerate.

He had to apologize to his teammates and coaching staff after week one due to his lazy play on the field. Since then, things have not gotten better.


The short answer to this question is a resounding 'no.' It would not be smart to bring in Chase Claypool. He certainly would not appreciate having a lack of targets and being a run blocker on most plays. He just does not fit what the Falcons want.

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