Should Justin Fields be the Atlanta Falcons priority this offseason?

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons are clearly going to be considered a potential landing spot for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields if the Bears move on. It is a tough choice that relies completely on how highly the Bears think of Caleb Williams. Williams is the heavy favorite to be the number one draft pick and has the potential to change the franchise.

For the Bears, the hard part becomes whether or not they are willing to start completely over at the position after so much time developing Fields. Clearly, Justin has taken a step forward as a passer and has become a more consistent player.

Justin's hard work and effort shows up every Sunday and gives the team reason to believe he is the right guy moving forward. The flip side of this for the Falcons is if the Bears were to decide to move on what does this say about Fields?

Justin has greatly improved but has struggled at times as a passer. Whether it is using his legs too long and creating a sack or forcing a throw his decision-making has been questionable. If the Bears decide to move on it seems they believe that this isn't going to change moving into 2024.

This isn't to say that Justin Fields shouldn't be an option for the Falcons if he is on the market. But rather pointing out the obvious issues in his game and the concerns if the Bears are moving on.

For Atlanta, there isn't going to be a perfect scenario at quarterback with where they are in the draft. They are either going to have to bring in a veteran or be willing to pay a huge price to move up to select one of the top three prospects. Those are the best options for the Falcons heading into the new season.

Justin Fields is a potential answer but cannot be relied on considering the decision the Bears made last year and how well it aged. Justin Fields to Atlanta does make a lot of sense, however, it has to be considered both why the Bears are moving on and the risks that Justin brings with him to Atlanta.

Atlanta doesn't have a perfect answer in front of them and because of this Justin Fields should be near the top of the list in offseason targets. Only Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Kirk Cousins, and Jayden Daniels should be considered in front of the Bears starter. Fields returning to Georgia remains a story to watch this offseason with the Bears having a ton of control on this year's quarterback market.