Should the Atlanta Falcons be interested in division rival Baker Mayfield?

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Tampa Bay claimed the worst division in the league beating the Atlanta Falcons in a late-season matchup and locking up their playoff spot with a win over the Carolina Panthers. It was an improbable season after Tom Brady left and a large number of veteran players and leaders followed him out the door.

Baker was viewed as a potential bridge quarterback competing with Kyle Trask for the starting role. The competition was quickly won by Baker and his leadership and ability as a starter in this league was on full display. Whether it was his toughness playing through injury or finding ways to get the ball down the field with very little run game it was an impressive showing for Mayfield.

One that has him in a position to claim a starting job this offseason and likely receive a contract the Browns should have given him. It is easy to write off his time with Carolina when you look at his healthy seasons with the Browns and last year with Tampa Bay.

This leads to the obvious question should the Falcons be interested in stealing from their division rival? Baker Mayfield would be a fit in Atlanta and push the team to the playoffs. However, after three teams in two years, Baker is very unlikely to leave Tampa and consider jumping to his third NFC South team.

To land the quarterback the Falcons would have to overpay and that should make the decision easy for the franchise. They would be far better off adding someone like Carson Wentz, Sam Darnold, or Russell Wilson. All three players could give you similar production in the right offense at a much cheaper price.

While they lack Baker's swagger the Falcons cannot seriously be considered as a landing spot for their division rival. The cost isn't worth it for a player that is going to likely re-sign with the Bucs and continue to make the Browns regret moving on too soon from the best quarterback they have drafted in well over a decade.