Should the Atlanta Falcons bench Ridder after loss in Carolina?

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

Desmond Ridder and the Atlanta Falcons seemed to locking up a critical win late in Carolina on Sunday. Ridder had the Falcons well inside the twenty with what should have been an easy field goal for the Younghoe Koo. Arthur Smith chose to trust Ridder, and the result was the decision to throw the ball into triple coverage and likely end Atlanta's playoff hopes.

It was an ugly decision that simply cannot be explained. Ridder was staring at a wide-open Drake London and threw the ball to closer to Kyle Pitts who was in triple coverage. The interception was indicative of Ridder's season and why fans have grown so frustrated with the Atlanta signal caller. While Ridder can make every play you need from an NFL quarterback he seemingly always finds a way for the killer turnover.

Against the Bucs, Cardinals, Vikings, and Panthers there were moments where all Ridder needed to do is simply make the easy play. Throw the ball away or take the sack and live to fight another down. In each game, Ridder did exactly the opposite and cost his team.

As bad as Taylor Heinicke looked in his two starts this season it is time to give the veteran another chance. If you continue to expect Desmond Ridder why do you expect anything to change? What has Ridder done this season to show growth or to help with the turnover issues? The answer is simple, Ridder hasn't made the needed adjustments and his one great game against Houston is the outlier.

The Falcon's offense needs a change in their final three games this season whether that is Logan Woodside or Taylor Heinicke the Falcons should make the change. Desmond Ridder isn't a franchise quarterback or anything close to one. His inability to protect the football is a liability that cannot be on the field for a respectable franchise. Perhaps Woodside or Heinicke aren't any better but at least you attempt to change what clearly isn't working in Atlanta.