Should the Atlanta Falcons give Arthur Smith a chance to save his job?

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

The path to the playoffs is still open for the Atlanta Falcons. It involves the team winning out and getting help from other teams against Tampa and New Orleans. While the path is still open there is zero reason to believe this team is capable of winning their final three games of the season.

However, if the team managed to win their final three should Arthur Smith keep his job? Smith is attempting to save the season by going back on his own words. Smith told us that Desmond Ridder was the quarterback for the rest of the season. That was a poor decision and the willingness to go back on his own message shows why Smith must go no matter the finish.

Ridder was Smith's quarterback he crowned him the starter without giving him pre-season action or any veterans to compete with. Desmond failed and Smith didn't help him as a play caller, Atlanta has the defense, offensive line, and weapons to be winning right now.

Arthur's lack of conviction and unwillingness to hand over the play calling is more than enough reason for this team to part ways. Even if the team won out and slipped into the first round of the playoffs Arthur Blank shouldn't hesitate to fire his head coach.

Smith's attitude with the media, handling of the quarterback situation, and most importantly his offense are all individual reasons to part ways with Smith. Blame Desmond all you want, however, understand it was Arthur Smith who didn't start Ridder soon enough last season and put the fate of the season in his hands this year.

Atlanta needs a fresh start at head coach and quarterback. Arthur Smith simply cannot be brought back in 2024 no matter how this team finishes. His inability to adjust or evaluate the quarterback position means if Blank gives him another chance it will be another lost season for Atlanta.