Should the Atlanta Falcons have any interest in Justin Jefferson?

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings / David Berding/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons are focusing on fixing the receiver position this offseason. It is long overdue for a team that has failed for three seasons to put an average starting rotation together at the position. Signing Kirk Cousins will help greatly as well with the veteran now having a great group of weapons.

While Atlanta has more depth than the Vikings they lack the elite talent that is Justin Jefferson. The star receiver had great chemistry with Cousins and helped carry the Minnesota offense since his rookie season.

Jefferson and the Vikings are yet to work out a long-term deal leading to speculation the star could be on the move. This will lead to the obvious question of whether Jefferson reunite with his quarterback in Atlanta?

The answer is no, Atlanta has spent too much in free agency and has too much depth at the position to bring in Jefferson. While he would be a clear number one the Falcons want that option to be Drake London or Kyle Pitts.

If you traded for Jefferson you have to pay the star and this leaves little room to keep Kyle Pitts and Drake London who will both be due new contracts in the next two seasons. While the team could use the 5th year option or franchise tag the ideal situation is working out an extension with one of the two as your primary weapon.

It is fun to consider what Justin Jefferson could do in Atlanta but unfortunately, this isn't Madden or fantasy football. There is no room in the cap for Jefferson to join this team and there aren't assets Atlanta should spend in a trade for the star player.

Kirk Cousins now has a nice complete group of receivers and while Atlanta may lack the star power of Jefferson they make up for this loss in depth. Kyle Pitts and Drake London both have unknown ceilings as well after dealing with Arthur Smith's offense and poor quarterback play.

Jefferson's time with Kirk Cousins is done for the time being there isn't a fit in Atlanta this season or in the foreseeable future.