Should the Atlanta Falcons pursue WR Tee Higgins?

Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver has just requested a trade after the two sides could not agree to a new contract. Could he be catching passes for the Atlanta Falcons?

Should the Falcons pursue Higgins ?
Should the Falcons pursue Higgins ? / Jeff Dean/GettyImages

Tee Higgins can fill a big hole for the Atlanta Falcons

Higgins would be an excellent addition to the Falcons offense. He has been somewhat slept on and overshadowed due to him playing next to JaMarr Chase but Higgins fits the mold of a number-one receiver.

His biggest strength is catching the ball in traffic and making contested catches in the end zone. His skill set will complement Drake London and Kyle Pitts nicely and he will be another dangerous weapon for whoever is under center.

This will also give their future quarterback a security blanket in the red zone. Falcons quarterback Desmond Ridder was atrocious in that area of the field. Inside the 20-yard line, his completion percentage was 47 percent but he was even worse inside the 10-yard line only completing 28 percent of his passes.

Higgins is a solid possession receiver with game-breaking ability, and even though he may not be on an elite level like Chase or Justin Jefferson, he's easily a WR one for many teams. Higgins was a huge part of the Bengals passing attack but it was unrealistic to believe that the Bengals could give lucrative contracts to Burrow and Chase and keep Higgins without someone sacrificing.

Can the Falcons put together a trade package to acquire Higgins? The answer is yes but only if the price is right. Even though Higgins is worth the price, he's going to be looking to get paid handsomely and he may prioritize money over winning considering this will be his first big contract.

The Falcons do own the 8th overall pick in the upcoming draft but it's unlikely the team will trade away that selection. There are also other attractive options at the position that will be cheaper on the market and can bring value to the team. Marquise Brown, Mecole Hardman, and Michael Thomas are a few other names the Falcons may consider if they can't secure a trade package for Higgins.

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