Should the Atlanta Falcons still draft a quarterback if they land Justin Fields?

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Even if the Atlanta Falcons were to trade for Justin Fields or sign Kirk Cousins they should still be looking to draft a quarterback in this year's draft. The reasons why are clear with Cousins aging and Fields never having one good season as a passer in this league.

Atlanta needs to take a chance on developing a player they believe could go overlooked. We have seen this strategy work recently with Brock Purdy and Jalen Hurts as clear examples. Patrick Mahomes and Jordan Love stand out as well though they were taken higher by their respective teams than Atlanta should be willing to spend at the position.

A day-two or three pick of a quarterback should be mandatory if the Falcons are going to go the veteran quarterback route. The team is good enough not to be in a position draft one of the top three prospects at the position this season and are likely to improve without Arthur Smith and Desmond Ridder in 2024.

The Falcons are going to have to keep every option open to find a long term answer at the position. The team's history speaks to how difficult it is to find this answer with a depressing history before Michael Vick and Matt Ryan breathed life back into the franchise.

Players like Michael Penix Jr. and Spencer Rattler will likely be day two picks that give the Falcons a chance to find a player with NFL talent and give them time to develop. There is also the fallback option if Fields doesn't improve as a passer or an older Kirk Cousins deals with injury again.

Atlanta has spent two years in quarterback misery under Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder. Raheem Morris needs to do everything within his power to change this and that means if you add a veteran starter still bringing in a rookie to develop.