Steelers gave Atlanta Falcons fans answers for Justin Fields questions

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Dating back to Matt Ryan's final seasons with the Atlanta Falcons the biggest discourse among the fanbase has been the quarterback position. Whether it has been whether or not Matt Ryan was responsible for the franchise's struggles or Desmond Ridder being a starting quarterback the debate has been seemingly endless

This season's version was about who the Falcons should be targeting. Justin Fields, Russell Wilson, and Kirk Cousins were among the most common names attached to the Falcons. This after the realization that a trade-up for one of this year's top three quarterback prospects wasn't possible.

Atlanta opted for the most accomplished player of the three signing Kirk Cousins to a 4-year and $180 million dollar deal. This left some fans feeling as if the Falcons should have opted for the cheaper and younger Fields.

This was a take that hasn't aged well with the Steelers trade telling you exactly what the league thinks of Justin Fields. Fields was traded for a 6th-round pick with the chance to be a 4th-rounder based on playing time.

Russell Wilson is the favorite to start for Pittsburgh with Fields being a backup option for Arthur Smith and Mike Tomlin. The fact that the cost of the trade was a 6th round pick only to bring him in as the likely backup speaks to how Fields is viewed around the league.

As dynamic as a talent that Fields is he hasn't proven himself to be a consistent passer. That is a requirement for running Zac Robinson's offense. If the Falcons had any other viable option Fields was never going to be a starter for this franchise.

Yes, he could still figure things out, however, in year four joining his second team this seems increasingly unlikely. Fields is a backup quarterback or a low-end starter. If the Falcons had added him come October they would have faced many of the same problems they did last season with Desmond Ridder.