Ten Questions for the Atlanta Falcons: Which Players Could Win Awards and Pro Bowl Honors?

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Defensive Rookie of the Year:

Likely Winners – Will Anderson, Jalen Carter, Tyree Wilson, Devon Witherspoon, Christian Gonzalez

Falcons’ Best Chance – Zach Harrison

Unlike offense, defensive players can take a bit longer to adjust to the speed of the NFL and the adjustment in roles that favor scoring and quarterback safety. Although all five of the players mentioned above have a strong chance of winning this award, it won’t be a surprise if a random player nobody expected ends up walking away with this.

Anderson was truly dominant at Alabama and should have an easier transition to the league than most college players. Gonzalez could be a sneaky choice in New England too, if he can stay out of Bill Belichick’s doghouse as a young player.

Although Clark Phillips III is currently listed as the Falcons’ player with the best odds for this award, it seems more likely that Harrison could snag it based on the positions they play. Phillips will likely line up as a slot cornerback throughout the year, and it may limit the amount of playing time he gets and the opportunities for him to make impactful plays.

Harrison is viewed as a project for the Atlanta Falcons, but he could end up snagging some sacks in a rotational role for the defense. If he’s able to snag 6-8 sacks and the team ends up in the playoffs once the season ends, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him get a vote or two.