Ten Realistic 2024 NFL Draft Targets for the Atlanta Falcons

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Defensive Line/Linebackers: Dallas Turner, Laiatu Latu, Jared Verse, Chop Robinson

The Atlanta Falcons consistently seem to have a pass rush problem and getting a defensive end/edge rusher to put more pressure on opposing quarterbacks could do wonders for their defense as a whole. The team has numerous options they could approach with their first pick and it wouldn’t be shocking if they had their choice of any of the four listed above.

Turner is the type of player whose first step and explosiveness help him beat pass blockers, and he has the athleticism to assist in pass coverage if needed. His frame and strength should translate easily to the league and help him make an impact quickly.

He may need to refine his techniques once he’s drafted, but overall, he could be the type of player who stands out immediately and helps the Atlanta defense take the next step. Latu is another prospect who should contribute right away based on his skills and production in college.

He is agile, has strong technique, can play in coverage when needed, and earned numerous honors with his strong play. Latu’s main concern seems to be his medical history as a major neck injury briefly caused him to retire from football before returning to continue his strong play. Neck injuries will also raise more concerns than other body parts, but a strong medical team should be able to determine if it’ll affect him in any way moving forward.

Jared Verse is the type of player who could only be described as an athletic marvel. He’s explosive, strong, provides constant high-effort, and has skills that’ll give opposing offensive lines nightmares. The major question would be if he’s able to become the type of player who can assist in pass coverage or if he’ll simply be a one-trick pony (albeit a very good one) who just rushes the passer all game long.

Chop Robinson is considered more of a three-down player but can also utilize his power and speed to get after opposing quarterbacks. Although his transition to the league may be a bit easier in the short-term, he may need to work on his techniques if the Falcons need him to produce strong sack numbers.