Ten Recent NFL Draft Mistakes by the Atlanta Falcons

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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2020 NFL Draft:

Marlon Davidson – Davidson was a complete bust for Atlanta and provided a minimal impact during his two years with the team. He recorded one start, 29 tackles, and only appeared in 19 games before a move to Tennessee where he failed to impress.

Selecting who would have been a better option here is difficult because there are so many good players. Jaylon Johnson went three picks later and looks like a stud in Chicago while Jalen Hurts already led the Eagles to a Super Bowl appearance. It’s disheartening to look back and realize how bad of a selection the Falcons made here.

A.J. Terrell – This selection isn’t meant as a direct knock on Terrell, but more of an endorsement for the players selected after him. Although he has provided moments of excellence for the Atlanta defense, he hasn’t made the leap to superstardom that some have expected from him.

Just looking at the rest of the first round, the Falcons could have had CeeDee Lamb or Justin Jefferson who are currently fighting for the title of best receiver in the entire league. An argument could even be made that Jordan Love would have been a better selection based on the team’s quarterback play over the past two seasons.