Ten Recent NFL Draft Mistakes by the Atlanta Falcons

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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2022 NFL Draft:

DeAngelo Malone + Troy Andersen – Although we’ve only got two years of tape on players from the 2022 Draft, it seems clear that Malone was a miss in the third round. The young defensive end has only produced one sack, has yet to start a game, and only contributed 5 tackles this season.

Andersen has a bit more tape to go through, but injuries limited him to only two games this season and he has 88 career tackles through his first two seasons. The team will hope that a healthier version of Andersen can produce more consistently next year, but as of right now, the second-round pick has been a disappointment.

Switch the Andersen pick for Kerby Joseph and the Falcons could have one of the best secondaries in the entire league. The young safety brings an excitement that could have benefited Atlanta throughout the past two seasons.

Switching out Malone for Brock Purdy could have gone nowhere as it’s impossible to know what Purdy looks like outside of a Shanahan system. Would he be the same player or a backup who never got a chance in Atlanta? It seems like a worthwhile gamble for an offense that has struggled over the past two seasons.